"I got to see the current photo exhibit yesterday. Your work is FANTASTIC! That close up, colorful, so-sharp detail is so terrific. Thank you for sharing it." - Pat Skibbee/West Newbury, MA

"Your photos of me were wonderful! The experience of the photo shoot itself was great. You're so easy going and talented." - Ann Conway/Newburyport, MA

"Hey Jay, I gave hubby his photo's last night.  I think he was going to cry...he couldn't stop looking at them.  I finally was able to post some of them on my Facebook page and I'm getting alot of responses.  They are so fabulous. - Michelle Doumani/Newburyport, MA

“Jay, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love New England, so very partial to your Newburyport and surroundings pics. Great job! Thank you for sharing!” – Karen Henderson


“In my years as a newspaper and magazine editor I've chosen countless thousands of photos for publication and in the process I've learned to appreciate real skill with a camera. I can't remember when I've  seen a better exposure than your photo of Alex, with perfect focus showing every sunlit hair against the out-of-focus background that comes from understanding depth of field, and yet just the right exposure on her out-of-the-sun face.  Wow.” – Tom Stites – Founder and President of The Banyan Project


“Thank you so much for the photos you took on our Wedding Day.  You were fantastic and the photos are great!!   Your easy-going manner and great sense of humor made it such a pleasure to have you do our wedding photos.  We so appreciate your catering to our every request.  It was a pleasure meeting you and we will certainly recommend you to those who wish to have a great photographer for any occasion.” – Sandra Miller